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Aria georgia

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About  Invest Group


By separating 5 companies in the fields of investment, real estate, construction, consulting and legal, Invest Group was established, which has 2 decades of experience in this country.

Our goal

The goal of establishing this holding group is to provide accurate information and professional services to travelers and residents in Georgia or abroad through the offices of our company Invest Group

! important warning !

Please, and for your own benefit, so that you do not face any problem in the process of buying a property or applying for a work permit, beware dealing with anyone except after making sure that the company:
• An official company recognized by the authorities and has a documented tax number
• Its location has not changed for at least a year, thus making it more keen that it is a real company and operates under Georgian law
Because, unfortunately, most cases of deception happen through people who do not have reliable and registered offices, or an individual person under the name of an intermediary, but without any document proving the extent of his credibility

Our expertise

All employees and officials in our group are highly qualified and have great experience in these fields, especially in Georgia
To serve you better, our team is ready and present to receive your inquiries via phone or e-mail, every day of the week from 10 am to 10 pm

Free property tour

We'll take you on a one-day city tour to learn about the urban fabric, regions, and neighborhoods of Georgia

Companionship in construction

In addition to consulting and construction, we will cooperate and partner with you

Obtaining residence in Georgia

For a safe investment, you need to obtain residency in Georgia, our lawyers will do all the necessary administrative work for you, don't worry

A professional team to renovate homes and buildings

Most apartments in Georgia are sold in white or black, and after purchasing, our professional team will solve your problem at the cheapest price and the best quality

We will hire you, then join our contract