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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequent questions of dear customers

What is the lowest price of the property in Georgia to obtain residence?

Real estate prices in Georgia start at around $50,000 and up, but to obtain a renewable temporary residence in Georgia, the minimum property value must be over $100,000.

Is it possible to obtain a permanent residence in Georgia for yourself and your family?

Yes, to obtain a permanent residence in Georgia, the minimum investment value of the property or real estate must be over 300,000 dollars, and you can obtain a permanent residence for your spouse and children in this country immediately after obtaining the residence.

Is it possible to obtain residence in Georgia by purchasing agricultural land?

No, please note that there is absolutely no possibility of buying land or real estate with agricultural use in Georgia for people who do not have Georgian citizenship and are not citizens of this country. Usually, for foreigners, agricultural properties are traded as 99-year or long-term leases.

Is it possible for foreigners to buy a commercial property or business?

Yes, we usually introduce commercial properties to clients who want to invest, such as shops, hotels, or... But please note that many commercial properties are owned by one or more companies that our legal team provides the conditions to purchase or transfer that property either in the name of a person or a registered company of the client, this makes it possible to avoid any risk. Be safe from the taxes or hidden debts of that mentioned company.

Does the real estate in Georgia have definite documents or is it a contract?

This is an important issue that must be addressed, all real estate in Georgia has a definitive and permanent document and also has the ability to inherit exclusively. The transfer of the document is done in the court building (mushroom-shaped) and avoid the transfer of the document in the notary offices. Our company evaluates your property free of charge and examines its legal issues.

Is it possible to buy real estate with a loan or take a loan on that property?

Yes, it is possible to apply to one of the banks in Georgia, and after examination and expertise, the bank's experts will lend you between 40 and 70 percent of the value of the property. But it is not possible to obtain residence with the property or properties that are mortgaged by the bank. For this reason, we offer the first property in cash to the customers who are looking for a residence, and we buy the next property with a loan if the customer needs it, or they can get a loan after obtaining the residence, but this can be done for the customers who obtain permanent residence. have done because it will be problematic for those with temporary residency because they will have problems renewing next year and have to pay off the loan.

Is it possible for foreigners to build a structure in Georgia?

Yes, because of its virginity, Georgia has made it possible for companies and individuals to build for urban renewal. You can run a villa or villa settlement, building or residential complex, hotel or commercial complex, etc. and it has a significant and reasonable profit for investors.

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